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At Family First Defense our instructors make every effort to train students to defend themselves and their loved ones. We stand strongly behind the Second Amendment and the right of an individual to defend themselves and others at all times and in all life threatening circumstances.

We also believe that the "Family Unit" is the most important part of our lives and deserves to be protected by the "Well Trained Defender". This may extend to individuals outside of the home; friends, neighbors, co-workers and others we consider close to our family. We strive to make certain that our instruction accomplishes this goal and encourage all of our students to continue their education and skill development.

Our training staff is qualified and certified by the
National Rifle Association,
United States Conceal Carry Association
and additional specialized National and International training organizations.

Our Pistol Fundamentals and Safety Class (required for your State of Florida CWL application) greatly exceeds the basic requirements of the State of Florida. This  class will also prepare you for continued training to advanced levels to truely defend those you care for.

Our training structure allows you to advance to very high levels of defensive capabilities, but it is up to you and your achieved results and expectations that will allow you to respond correctly.

To insure that sufficient training materials are always available we highly recommend that you pre-register for all classes. This also insures that we have the proper student to instructor ratio so that each and every student receives the proper individual attention and instruction.

We will not refuse walk-in students unless unqualified, but strongly encourage registration for everyone's benefit.

Do NOT purchase a pistol for your conceal permit/safety class as one will be provided.  Instruction will be given during the class to help you purchase the correct weapon.

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