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Conceal Permit / Safety
3 choices

Home Defense

Concealed Defense

Advanced Skills

We offer three distinctly different classes that all meet or
exceed the qualifications for your State of Florida Conceal Weapons License.

1 - USCCA - Basic Safety / Conceal Class

2 - USCCA - Extended Safety / Conceal Class with Introduction to Home Defense (most popular choice)

3 - NRA Phase One Online Training and Phase Two Instructor Certification

We highly recommend that you discuss the above options to insure that you choose the class that fits your needs best. You may contact us at anytime.

Do NOT purchase a weapon for your conceal permit/safety class. One can be provided for a nominal cleaning fee. Instruction will be given during the class to help you purchase the correct weapon.

PLEASE Register for your class.
We will not refuse walk-in students unless unqualified, but strongly encourage registration for everyone's benefit.

Basic Safety / Conceal Class
Class Cost is $70 plus your own ammo expense
Includes Range fee of $20

This class requires less time to complete with approximately 4 hours of total instruction time. All of the required topics are covered completely and thoroughly. Information concerning the legal aspects of the concealed carrier are reviewed and discussed. Shooting on the range will typically involve 30 or more shots to show capabilities in weapons handling, safety and marksmanship. Personal instruction is given to insure the student is operating safely and able to accomplish target goals. Upon completion, a certificate will be issued from USCCA at the class.
The USCCA Training Manual is an optional purchase of $30.

Extended Safety/Conceal Class with Intro to Home Defense
Class Cost is $100 plus your own ammo expense
Includes Range fee of $20 and 245 page Instructional Manual $30

While more involved and covering more information, this is the ideal class for the serious defender. This is the most popular choice for those that plan to continue their defensive shooting skills. Included is the 245 page USCCA instructional manual (Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals) covering topics from basic safety through the home defense instruction. This class is approximately 6 hours in length and covers the Basic Safety / Conceal Class topics in far more depth. It includes information concerning the laws of Florida, your rights to self defense, and where you may carry concealed in the State. Included throughout the instruction is the introduction to Home Defense to properly prepare you for the Level 2 Home Defense Class. Personal instruction is given to each student to insure proper shooting techniques used in the Level 2 Home Defense class. Range shooting will typically exceed 30 rounds of ammunition and is determined by student's personal goals. Upon completion, a certificate will be issued from USCCA at the class.

NRA Safety / Conceal Training
Phase I Cost to NRA is $60
Phase II Cost is $70 - includes range fee
Total Cost is $130 plus your own ammo cost

The NRA has made dramatic changes in their training program. ALL Pistol Safety/Conceal classroom learning modules are done on the internet - there is NO NRA classroom training allowed by any instructor for the basic pistol safety course used for the State of Florida or anywhere else in the country - so buyer beware of other training facilities!

NRA now requires that you enroll in the "Online Phase I Training" which covers all of the classroom training. This is estimated by NRA to take 7 to 8 hours of time, and you are provided ample time frame of 90 days in which to complete the online program. Upon completion, you will be provided with a certificate which is presented to your local NRA instructor for enrollment in "Basic Pistol Phase II.

The second phase of training will test you on your safety knowledge, pistol handling, and shooting abilities. Upon completion, your scores are reported to NRA and "they" will send you your certificate.

This sounds a bit confusing and we recommend that you discuss your options.