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United States Conceal Carry Association

This class is approved by the State of Florida and greatly exceeds the basic pistol safety class provided by the NRA.

Pistol Fundamentals / Concealed Weapons Class

Total Cost is $79 and Includes:
Classroom Training
Local Range Fee
Use of our pistols
and includes qualification ammo

This class meets and greatly exceeds the requirements of the
State of Florida to apply for your Conceal Weapons License.

Total time is approximately 5 hours or more of instruction, classroom and range. All of the required topics are covered completely and thoroughly. Information concerning the legal aspects of the concealed carrier are reviewed and discussed. We can assure you that the information covered is extensive and greatly exceeds the requirements by the
State of Florida.

Shooting on the range is required by the State of Florida to show competency in the handling, safety, and basic marksmanship of handling a pistol. Personalized student instruction is given to insure each is able to accomplish required and personal shooting goals. Upon completion, a certificate will be issued at the class.

The USCCA Training Manual is available (an optional purchase of $30) and highly recommended.
This will also provide additional training information and will add to the knowledge base of the student.

Do NOT purchase a weapon for your conceal permit/safety class. One will be provided and is included in the class fee. Instruction will be given during the class to help you purchase the correct weapon for you.

PLEASE Remember to Register for your class.
We will not refuse walk-in students unless unqualified, but strongly encourage registration for everyone's benefit.

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