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"Defensive Skills"

Class Cost $99 plus range fee
coupons or earned discounts may be applied

We realize that the basic safety class required for your Conceal Weapons License does not include a confident level of actual range shooting. While it meets the State of Florida requirements, it provides very little shooting instruction. We recognize that most individuals would prefer to have more "hands on" shooting time with personal coaching then is provided in the basic required safety class.

Plus, you need to learn the techniques of "Defensive Shooting Skills".

This class is about 85% range time and will build the needed confidence for the continuation of your training.

It is designed to take the new or inexperienced shooter to the next level and ensure a level of gun handling confidence that will enhance their learning experience as they continue through advance levels of training.

This will provide the student with a very extensive list of dry firing drills as well as range work that will keep your defensive shooting abilities sharp and give you drills that can be practiced at the range and more importantly - at home.

Completing this class...
You will know how to train at home and advance your skills to the next level of serious defense and handling of your pistol. You will be ready to take the next class...
"Home Defense".

We start with very regimented procedures and graduate over time to a more confident level of defensive shooting skills. All students will be able to complete this training and will secure a level of confidence that will allow additional skill sets.

Even those that have been "target shooting" for a number of years will find this class to be challenging and will add to the knowledge and confidence needed for defensive protection.

All of our advanced classes will use the foundation of skills taught in this class and will allow the student to advance with confidence. We highly recommend this class to all students before advancing.

Pistol Rental is available - please call to discuss requirements.

Recommended ammo level is at least 150 rounds.
Additional ammo is recommended for those that may want to repeat certain training drills.

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