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Tactical Home Defense

This is the most important class you can possibly take to learn the basics of home defense and family protection.

Target shooting is NOT defensive shooting...
Learn how to defend yourself and those you care about.

Must have Concealed Weapon License or Permit from any State or copy of Training Certificate for Handgun Safety from any State.

While not required...
It is "strongly" recommended that you
complete "Defensive Skills Level 1"
before taking this class.

Classroom time covers a wide range of subjects and discussions concerning life threatening situations, defensive actions, and the application of deadly force.

The "Castle Doctrine" Law for Florida
Home Invasion Situations and Lawful Response
Dealing with Children - Keep them Safe
Proper Storage for Defensive Response
Using Your Home's Construction
How to Reinforce Your Home
Safe Room Design and Use
How to protect What You Have
How to Get Your Home Off the Hit List
How to Deal with a Burglary
What to do when the Police Arrive
Dealing with Multiple Threats

These subjects and more based upon student questions
and current events.

Range time is dedicated to the basics of true defensive shooting and the tactical applications used in a home environment. This covers basic team (spousal) applications with other defenders and concerns for children or disabled family members.

This class is restricted in size to insure safety and proper instructor/student ratio.

Students are required to have at least 200 rounds of quality ammunition available. More ammo is advisable for any extended one on one instruction.

Those that bring their "conceal holster" will receive additional instruction to prepare for the next level of defensive training.

This class involves approximately 4 hours of classroom
instruction followed by approximately 4 hours of range time.

Class Cost is $125, plus Range Fee

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