From the Basics to Advanced Levels of Defense

Training for the Individual, Family, Group, Business and more...

At Family First Defense our instructors make every effort to train students to defend themselves and their loved ones. We stand strongly behind the Second Amendment and the right of an individual to defend themselves, family members, and others in life threatening circumstances.

Our Pistol Fundamentals and Safety Class (required for your State of Florida CWL application) greatly exceeds the basic requirements of the State of Florida. This class will also prepare you for continued training to advanced levels to truly defend those you care for.

Advancing your skills and abilities is made simple by following the recommended class training structure, insuring that your experience and instruction is at the highest levels possible.

Our Instructor to Student ratio is maintained to make certain that each and every student receives personal instruction and attention throughout each class.

From the Basics to Advanced Levels of Defensive Capabilities… How far are you willing to go to protect the ones you love.