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Self and Family Defense Training Academy


Your Concern is in Our Name 


Your Concern is in Our Name 

From the Basics

Training for the Individual, Family, Worship, Group, Business and more... Family First Defense is dedicated to training individuals and family groups in defensive skills using effective tools with proper training.

Our instructors make every effort to train students to defend themselves and their loved ones. We also understand that firearms are not the only answer. Our program introduces many levels of self defense tools that may be appropriate. While we stand strongly behind the Second Amendment and the right of an individual to defend themselves, family members, and others in life threatening situations - lethal tools are optional and the last resort.

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New to Handguns?
Wanting to review or expand your past training?
Refine your Self-Defense lawful understanding and capabilities?
Learn about other defensive tools?

Everything at “your pace” with no pressure. Every student receives personal instruction.

We offer one of the most complete Handgun Safety Classes that you can find, and because we are a Training Academy, you have the ability to advance your skills to higher levels. You decide how far to go.

We don’t offer a “permit-less” class because of a simple reason… why short change your training? And isn’t “all” of the information important?

Your certificate allows you to apply for your Florida CWL if you wish to do so. At anytime in the future since your certificate is good for the rest of your life under present law.

Our Safety/CWL Class is designed to introduce students to the use of handguns as well as bringing old skills up to current levels. “Other” defensive tools are discussed, demonstrated and used in various class levels.

Once you have completed this class, you can apply for your Florida “Concealed Weapons or Firearm License”. While this will become optional July 1st, 2023, it still has strong value and is recommended.

For more information about the Safety/CWL Class and FL License – Click HERE 

Do you already have your CWL? Are You are ready to advance your skills?

Advancing your skills is made simple by following the recommended class structure, which insures that your growth in knowledge and capabilities is at the highest levels possible.

Our Instructor to Student ratio is maintained to make certain that each and every student receives personal instruction and attention throughout every learning experience.

Our home is North Central Florida – Gainesville area – where most of our classes are held. We do travel throughout the South Eastern US presenting classes for other Instructors, Businesses, Organizations and Families interested in private or customized training.

Contact us to discuss your best choices in our training program.

Our Guarantee… If you are not satisfied with your class, you will be refunded on the spot and at the class. No questions asked.

From the Basics to Advanced Levels of Defensive Capabilities… How far are you willing to go to protect the ones you love and care for?