From the Basics to Advanced Levels of Defense

Training for the Individual, Family, Group, Business and more...

At Family First Defense our instructors make every effort to train students to defend themselves and their loved ones. We stand strongly behind the Second Amendment and the right of an individual to defend themselves, family members, and others in life threatening circumstances.

Most students enter our training program to obtain the “Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License“. That’s actually what it is called by the State of Florida.

Most of us refer to this as the CWL Class – “Concealed Weapons License Class” which emphasizes the safe handling of a defensive handgun and is required for your State of Florida conceal carry license application. For those that are new to firearms and self-defense, this is the class that will start your training program.

Once you have completed this class, the opportunities for advanced training has opened and there is much to be learned.

Already have your License? Are You are ready to advance and get serious?

Contact us to discuss your best choices in our advanced training program.

Advancing your skills is made simple by following the recommended class training structure, insuring that your growth in knowledge and capabilities is at the highest levels possible. This structured training can be adjusted to meet the current level of the individual coming into our program.

Our Instructor to Student ratio is maintained to make certain that each and every student receives personal instruction and attention throughout each class.

From the Basics to Advanced Levels of Defensive Capabilities… How far are you willing to go to protect the ones you love.