Class Info

Class Information

The Recommended Training Progression:
Private Classes and Tutoring Training is Available at All Levels

Home Defense Tactics: Requires “Safety Class or already have a Concealed Permit/License” as a prerequisite to attend”.

Emergency Medical: is available to ALL Levels of Training at any time.

Fighting Series Classes: are high level classes that require evaluation approval by one of our Lead Instructors. See Below.

Active Shooter / Group Defense Training: is Available to ALL Levels but requires an Interview with the Organization or Group”.

Advanced Classes:

  • Night/Flashlight Skills
  • Carbine / Shotgun Skills – Skills Varied
  • Pistol Fighting Levels 1 & 2 (Fighting Series)
  • Close and Hand Battle Levels 1 & 2 (Fighting Series)
  • Force on Force (Fighting Series)

If interested in a higher level class, go to our Registration Page and Select “Advanced Specialized Training“. We will contact you to discuss your interest and needs. Students that are qualified to continue to these levels are contacted directly.

Our classes (all of the above) are available as “Group” or “Special” presentations at our location or yours.

By organizing your own group of students, you have more options available. This is commonly made up of family members, neighbors, friends, co-workers, or businesses that have a common goal of learning how to protect themselves.

Example: A business or church may request Active Shooter Training at their location.

The cost of training is reduced significantly since we have no advertising or organizational expense. You organize the group and receive a discounted price on the class.

Please send an email to: classquote@familyfirstdefense.com to receive more information or ask for a quote for a private class.