Survival Series

The “Survival Series”

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Preparedness Planning: Next Class – Sun – 5/5 – Only $25! and includes Cyber Security Class Below!

One day class, 9am to 3pm and includes a Pizza Lunch (or bring your own lunch). Cost is $25 and includes the Cyber-Security class Free (see below). MUST register to attend.

This is NOT the traditional food and water discussion that most think of. Preparedness involves over 15 different topics of information and is far more complex than most understand it to be. This class establishes the goal setting and planning process for emergency situations. From the basic situation to the extreme, we discuss the levels of preparedness that would be needed for survival situations short term and long term. There are many categories of planning involved and each is broken down into real life information. This is an interactive class that discusses the many situations requiring pre-planning and everyday lifestyle changes to remain ready for any emergency. This is a MUST class for anyone that wants to be be prepared for nearly any emergency large or small. Be prepared to discuss your concerns and plan to take lots of notes. Your preparedness level will be greatly increased by attending this class.

Cyber Security: Next Class – 5/5 – FREE by attending the Preparedness Class
Class begins at 3pm and is about 2 hours long. Emphasis on protecting your identity and restricting big tech companies ability to track your actions and information. This covers computers, pads and cell phones. Involved and very effective.

Urban/Wilderness Survival Basic 101 Class: TBA
Two-day class with optional overnight camping. Cost is $199 and includes “Land Usage Fee” to land owners.

This is a “Hands On” class and is for the basic levels of learning and that is interested in the basic techniques of sustaining life in an emergency situation. This class is not overly challenging but aimed at the information of surviving the elements. The wide range of basic survival requirements are discussed, demonstrated and applied so that each student understands the many challenges associated with urban and wilderness experiences. It’s challenging and you will not be disappointed.
Overnight (camping) is recommended, but not required. It will require your own camping equipment – tent, sleeping bag, etc. You may stay the night in a vehicle.
Fresh water is provided, but water sourcing and purification techniques will be covered.
Food is required for the student to bring with them. Those camping will participate in a campfire meal provided.
Students will finish this class with a very different perspective of what survival actually entails and the many challenges faced.
Much more information will be available to those planning to take this class including a list of suggested items to bring.

Land Navigation: Don’t Ever Get Lost! TBA
One day class from 9am to 5pm. Cost is $109 and includes “land Usage Fee” to land owners.

There are many different types of maps. Confusing as they might be, we explain the uses and remove the unknown. Map reading is essential and knowing where you are and where you are going is a must skill.
While electronic devices are covered (GPS, etc), this class concentrates on the more primitive use of directional skills, and especially compass skills. Classroom time is essential to provide instructive techniques, and the added practical exercises will back up your class training.
Field exercises will be challenging and provide the confidence needed to NOT GET LOST and/or FIND YOUR WAY BACK.
All equipment will be provided but students are encouraged to bring any navigational device to the class.

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