Intro to Defense

Basic Skills is a Low Stress Hands-On Class with a firearm.

Introduction to Defense

Cost is: $89 plus Range Fee.

Upcoming Class Dates in the Gainesville area:

  • Sunday – July 2nd

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This is your next step in Self Defense.

Your first class covered safety and basic legal situations. Now it’s time to actually learn how to defend yourself and loved ones.

Think of this as an extension of your basic CWL class… but far more detailed information in a wide set of handgun handling skills, plus fully supervised shooting time and an introduction to Defensive Shooting Skills.

Classroom information is followed with range time that you control.

Set your own pace on the range and adjust your own difficulty as you progress. An Instructor will help you make the learning transitions, building your experience and confidence.

Your confidence level will soar with this class!

Has it been a while? This class is perfect for the student that need a refresher with added knowledge and added skills to get back into training.

We recommend at least 150 (100 during the ammo shortage is sufficient as we will make very efficient use of ammo used) rounds of quality ammunition. More is better as you will have additional time to work on your skills on your own with an Instructor and Range Safety Officer. Most students easily shoot 150 to 200 rounds during the afternoon range time. It’s your choice… and at your own pace.

We finish the day by introducing you to the basic Defensive Shooting Techniques to get you ready for the next level of training.

Don’t have a handgun yet? A firearm and ammunition is available and we will allow you to shoot several different types, makes and models.


  • Personal, Range & Home Safety
  • Handling Skills
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Firearm Choices
  • Revolver and Semi-Auto
  • Malfunction Issues
  • Increasing Your Personal Abilities
  • Overcoming Fear and Stress
  • Storage & Staging
  • Ammo Choices
  • Awareness Training
  • OODA Training
  • Mindset
  • Developing Your Personal Training Program
  • Training at Home – Dry Practice
  • Supervised Range Time and Range Training
    and more…

Completing this class will give you the experience and confidence to move into advanced levels of self-defense, including Home Defense Tactics and Defensive Shooting Skills Level 1