Home Defense Planning

This is the most important class you can possibly take to learn the basics of home defense and family protection.

Home Defense Planning

We consider this to be one of the most important classes for the family defender.

Your home deserves the highest level of
protection and response.

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Next Class: Saturday, 04/06 – 9am to 5pm

This is a MUST Class for everyone…

Your home is your safe place, yet very few people actually train to protect themselves, family members, friends, or visitors in a home environment.

Home Defense (domicile) and defense in a vehicle (conveyance) is discussed at length.

You will have the opportunity to shoot handguns, rifles and shotguns, in a variety of types and calibers. All firearms and ammunition will be provided, and you are welcome to bring your own firearms. We will discuss the pros and cons associated with the different firearms and their effectiveness.

Planning is preparing… and training to apply defensive and protective capabilities.

Learn how to defend yourself and those you care about. Including children, the elderly and handicapped individuals.

Have your CWL or have taken a Safety Class, or better, have trained with us… You’re good to go for this class. Proof of Safety Training will be required.


  • The “Castle Doctrine” Law for Florida
  • Home Invasion Situations and Lawful Response
  • Dealing with Children or Elderly – Keeping them Safe
  • Proper Storage for Defensive Response
  • Using Your Home’s Construction
  • How to Reinforce Your Home
  • Safe Room Design and Use
  • How to protect What You Have
  • How to Get Your Home Off the Hit List
  • How to Deal with a Burglary
  • Dealing with Multiple Threats
  • What to do when the Police Arrive
  • Learn about and shoot, rifles and shotguns – ammo included.
  • and much more…

Class starts promptly at 9am and ends around 5pm.

Classroom time covers a wide range of subjects and discussions concerning life threatening situations, defensive actions, and the application of deadly force.

Range time is dedicated to the actions and tactics used in a home environment.

This class is restricted in size to insure safety and proper instructor/student ratio.

Students that bring their own firearms will need sufficient ammunition. Contact us for requirements as it depends on the type of firearm.

Class Cost is $125, plus Range Fee.

Range fee varies based on training location – $25 per day in the Gainesville area.