Safety and Concealed License Class

Handgun Safety is the primary emphasis and includes shooting instruction at a range. Includes Certificate of Completion usable for CWL application if desired.

HANDGUN SAFETY & Concealed License Class

This class is for anyone interested in Handgun
Safety, the Florida Conceal Weapons License
and Self-Defense Training.

Beginners Welcome!

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Handgun Safety and Proficiency Training

Understand, you will be handling a real handgun… not a toy, paint, or Airsoft gun, and will be learning proper handling, loading, unloading, clearance check, operation, grip, stance and so much more. This is a “hands-on” class with a real handgun and at a real range. We do NOT shoot in the classroom with paintball guns!

Real Class, Real Firearms, Real Ammunition, and Real Range… No Shortcuts!

Every student receives one-on-one instruction to ensure proper safety and handling capabilities.

A Certificate of Class Completion will be issued, which may be used to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapon and Firearms License. Under present law, this certificate is recognized for life, so you can apply for a FL-CWL at any time in the future.

$79 and Includes:

  • Classroom and Personal Range Training time.
  • The use of our handguns and ammo – or bring your own.
  • Range Fee is extra and paid directly to the range – $25 for Gainesville area classes.

This class starts very promptly at 9 am (we suggest arriving 20 minutes early) and finishes at the range around 5 pm depending on class size.

What will you learn? The following and much more.

  • Personal Protection Plan
  • Handgun Safety
  • Ammunition Choices
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • The Legal Use of Force
  • Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath
  • Gear, and Added Equipment
  • Florida Carry Law
  • Advanced Training Opportunities
  • and much, much more…

Range Fee is not included and paid directly to the range being used for training. Range fee in the Gainesville area is $25. Location information will be provided upon registration. If your class is located away from the Gainesville area your cost may differ and you will be notified.

Do NOT purchase a weapon for your Safety/CWL class. One will be provided (handgun and ammo) and is included in the class fee. Instructions will be given during the class to help you purchase the correct firearm for you. If you already own a handgun, please bring it to the range along with your regular target ammo normally used.

PLEASE Remember to Register for your class. Register HERE and pay at the class!
We will not refuse walk-in students unless unqualified or if the class is full, but strongly encourage registration for everyone’s benefit.

Check our FAQ Page for Important Reasons to obtain a Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License