Defensive Shooting Skills Level 2

defensive shooting skills level 2

Class Scheduled: Jan 14th – Sun

This class requires completion of the Defensive Shooting Skills Level 1 Class.


  • Efficiency
  • Fighting Techniques
  • Response Integration
  • Priorities
  • Movement & Cover
  • Malfunction Control
  • Skill Development
  • Intuitive Drills
  • and more…

Cost is $125, plus range fee paid separately.

This class does require some physical movement capabilities but can and will be adjusted to the capabilities of the student. It can also be wheelchair friendly and still be very involved and challenging.

While this class is designed for intermediate to advanced shooters, those that are experienced will find this to be challenging and full of new information.

Students will need at least 200/250 rounds of quality factory target ammunition.

Range Fee of $25 to be paid directly to the range (in the Gainesville area).


Must have certificate of Safety Training Class or Concealed Weapons License/Permit from any State in the U.S. and… have completed the DSS1 Class.

No Exceptions.