Defensive Shooting Skills Level 1

Defensive Shooting Skills Level 1

Scheduled Date: TBA

This is your first step in understanding the Defensive Response needed to protect yourself and others. It builds on the pre-required class “Introduction to Defense” class. It is training on the range for the entire day.

The “Introduction to Defense” class is required (or equivalent) prior to registering.

Defensive Shooting Skills are the basics of self protection with a firearm.

Cost is $125, plus range fee for your training location.

Class starts promptly at 9am and ends around 5pm.

This is an introductory level of Defensive Shooting Skills and is the foundation of all higher levels of training. It is important that the defender understand the requirements of response, action, control, required for a proper defensive response.


  • Counter Ambush
  • Speed & Precision
  • Reaction Response
  • Defensive Presentation
  • Rapid Shooting Trigger Control
  • One-Handed Shooting
  • Reloading Procedure
  • Holster Presentation
  • and much more…

This class does NOT require extreme physical movement capabilities. It is even wheelchair friendly but is involved and challenging for everyone.

You will understand your capabilities, skills, and gun handling abilities more than any other program available.

While this class is designed for newer shooters, those that are experienced will find this class to be challenging and full of new information.

Students will need at least 200/250 rounds of quality factory target ammunition.

Range Fee is extra and based on your location. Gainesville area class range fee is $20 to be paid directly to the range.


Completed the “Introduction to Defense” class or equivalent.