Family First Defense

We appreciate your choosing Family First Defense for your training needs, safety certification for your carry license and learning experience.

Everything we do is geared for the “Personal and Family Defender” and we strive to make certain that the defender is well trained in Mind, Body, Spirit, and with Defensive and Protective abilities.

While you might choose to only take the State of Florida required class for your license, we recommend that you consider advanced training to increase your skills.

Our complete training program is a series of classes that encompasses aspects of personal and family or group defense. It requires work and dedication for the serious defender but will provide any student at any level the tools to help defend and protect.

All of our training staff is Certified by NRA (National Rifle Association), USCCA (United States Conceal Carry Association), along with certifications from agencies and training organizations in both the US and International Organizations.

All Instructors are certified as Range Safety Officers (RSO) and / or Chief Range Safety Officers (CRSO) which is important to insure that all training is presented and trained in a safe environment.

We take our job as instructors very serious and endeavor to exceed the learning experience you expect.

You may contact us at anytime by calling 352-283-8340 or emailing: info@familyfirstdefense.com and we will respond quickly to your concerns or questions.